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Why is my indoor palm turning yellow and drooping and what can I do to stop it?

It is a new addition to my apartment and I swapped it from the standard pot it came in to a new pot with different potting soil. I watered it a few times and then left it alone. The soil is still moist and it has started to yellow all over and the outer leave are drooping and slowly turning brown.
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You may have repotted your plant with a potting soil that differed from its original soil. If your plant was originally potted in quick draining soil and you repotted in a more humus rich soil (or vice versa) you might have the reason for your problem. Do you know what kind of palm you have? This can be important because it will give you an indication of the cultural and fertilizing requirements for your plant. For more information you might want to go to the link listed below.



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