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I have a Bonsai tree in my windowsill and leaves are turning yellow. Why and what should I do?

It is a courtyard exposure so light might be insufficient. Is there a plant light that might help? What lumens would it have to be?
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2012  |  980 Views
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If you are having trouble with your bonsai, you might first take a look at cultural information: frequency of watering, fertilizing, frequency of repotting, for instance. How long have you owned the plant? Has it been in good health for a long time, or is it something you have recently acquired? Also, you don’t state what plant you have that has been made into a bonsai. If you have checked everything else, your problem may indeed be one of light, although yellowing can be caused by overwatering or with some plants, by lack of iron, and with a few plants the yellowing and dropping of leaves happens if they are moved. If you don’t have a brighter window in which to place your plant, there are horticultural lights, some of which are fluorescent tubes and others are bulbs that can be put into a standard lamp.

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