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What is the best way to rabbit-proof a raised bed?

Can I put nylon or plastic-based netting around the bed or will a rabbit chew through that? Would metal screening be better? Am growing vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, some herbs, etc.) in the raised bed and know we have rabbits around.
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Dear Patrick,

Probably the most efficient damage control would be the metal screening.  Chicken wire would work well.  Surround the garden with 36 inch widths of chicken wire attached to stakes.  Bend the bottom 6 inches of wire outward along the ground to prevent digging under the fence.  By bending the top 6 inches outward, you can also prevent other animals from climbing the fence.

Plastic netting can also be used in the same way as chicken wire.  Use 2 layers if the netting is light guage because rabbits will chew through netting. 

Good luck and enjoy your vegetable garden.

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