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How to destroy dandelions in the side yard of our house in Mt. Airy?

Last Updated: May 14, 2012  |  26 Views
Topics: Weeds

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I am sorry to tell you there is no easy way.  Removal by hand is the best method, and there is a hand tool made just for this purpose.  It looks like a long fork and is available at gardeners' supply sources which you can contact online.  Both short and long handled forms are available.  You insert the 2-pronged "fork" into the ground just beside the dandelion and push down and the dandelion pops out.  It's best to do this after a rain as your soil will yield the weed easily.  Before dandelion buds are formed, the dandelion greens can be picked and eaten.  And dandelion roots are wonderful for your compost pile.


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