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Tree roots raising patio bricks. Can the roots be shaved without harming the trees?

Magnolia grandiflora planted in 1994-Mulberry tree appeared in neighbors yard in'97. Both are approx 3 stories high. I don't want to do anything that will adversely affect trees. Uneven bricks are mostly cosmetic.
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Since the bricks are mostly cosmetic, I would lift the offending bricks.  That is safer than cutting the offending roots.  However, this problem will probably get worse in time and the roots may then extend to more important parts of the terrace.  At that time, you may have to cut and what is hopefully one troublesome root.   When a root is cut, make sure the cut is a clean cut with no jagged or ripped edges.  Hopefully you are dealing with only one root so that you will not have to remove too many roots.  This may be a long term issue with many roots.  At that point I would call a reputable tree person to evaluate the situation.

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