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Why is my weeping Cherry tree not blooming in the Spring?

We planted the tree in the fall of '08 and in spring '09, it had only 3 flowers on it. Winter of '09, it developed a split approximately a quarter of the way up the trunk. We sealed the split, and wrapped it and spring of '10, it looked well healed. But in the spring of that year ( and every year since) there have been no flowers. it is on the south side of our backyard, and has lots of sun til the big oak( which is approx 50 yards away from it) gets its full leaves, and then gets filtered sun. it gets its leaves every year, but i really would love to see it bloom with the flowers on it ....
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Since the tree did at one time have 3 flowers, we know it is a cherry tree and that it should bloom.  I suspect that when the tree is supposed to be making its flowers for the next year, it is in too much shade. 

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