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How often should I water an annual flower garden and when is the best time of day to do so?

I work at an office and my boss wants me to water the geraniums and impatiens (which receive full sun all day) every afternoon regardless of recent rainfall, sunshine/cloudiness, or outside temperature. I would like some good information on whether or not this is a good way of gardening. I am also concerned about water conservation.
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Dear Julie:  I can appreciate your question!!!  Geranium will do very well in the full sun with water when the soil begins to feel dry.  Do not overwater them as you set yourself up for fungus problems.  The Impatiens are another issue.  They really do not do well in full sun. However if the plants are the New Guinea Impatiens, they can tolerate more sun than the regular Impatiens, but even the New guinea Impatiens need a break from full sun. However, they are now in full sun, so you will have to water these much more diligently.  Do not wait for the soil to feel dry.  The Impatiens should be constantly moist.

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