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How do I care for a tangerine plant grown from a seed?

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013  |  48 Views
Topics: Fruit trees

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Dear Elizabeth:  Congratulations on germinating the tangerine seed!!  Give the plant the most sun you can (Careful not to sunburn the leaves when you first put it outside.  Edge it into the sun gradually.) and water when it feels dry.  When the heat goes on in the house in the fall, spray the tree with ultrafine oil (can be purchased at a local garden center) so that you are not carrying bugs into the house, and bring the tree inside and place in the sunniest place you have or in a greenhouse.  As the tree grows, you will have to increase the size of the pot.  It will get bigger and heavier, but prettier and prettier.  The only downsize to this project as it may not produce tangerines or the tangerines may not look like what you got the seed from.  Seed is produced from two plants and we don't know who or what the "father" of your plant looked like.   But this is the fun of horticulture.

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