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I am researching information related to U.S. pre-1900 cultivars of Camellias. Where is a good place to start?

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One important work we have in our library is:

Hume, H. Harold(Hardrada Harold),1875-1965.   Camellias in America.   Harrisburg, Pa., J. H. McFarland Co., 1955. (link to citation is below).

See especially the chapters "Camellias Come to America" (pp. 23- 52) and "Early American Varieties" (pp. 53 - 60). Camellias were grown in gardens in the south and, in northern American cities,  in greenhouses. New York, Washington, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia were centers for Camellia breeding in the 19th century and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society played a leading role in advancing Camellia appreciation in the Philadelphia area.  Hume cites specific works, many of which are in our library. These include 19th century periodicals and historic seed and nursery catalogs.


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  1. saw your comment regarding pre-1900 camellias. I am doing the same. Please contact me at my email address. However, cox is down for today, at least. I am very excited about corresponding with you. Where are you located. Thank you
    by Florence Crowder on Dec 16, 2012.

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