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What do I do with a greenhouse? I bought a home with a small one and have no idea what to grow in it.

My wife and I have grown tomatoes, herbs, zucchini, jalepeƱos, etc. in a small outside garden at our old home. The new one has a fenced in exterior garden and also has a small, old greenhouse as well. What is best to grow in a greenhouse? We like fruit and most vegetables. My wife is also a big flower person but I'm mainly curious about food plants.
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Dear Charles:  How lucky you are!!  The greenhouse can be used to grow all sorts of houseplants that are difficult to grow in the house, such as orchids, geraniums that will bloom all winter, Camellias, Gardenias etc.  However, to satisfy your interest in vegetables, you can get a headstart on the season by starting the seeds in the greenhouse and have a jump on the growing season. 

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