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Do I need to dig up my Oleander plant?

It was out all summer and it is beautiful, with a red flower.
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2012  |  99 Views

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Saundra, your oleander should be brought in for the winter, as it is a tropical plant.  Now is a good time to pot it up so it has a chance to adapt to a new environment and for the roots to get set.  Be sure to pot it at the same level it was growing before and that it has good drainage.  It will need to be kept on the dry side (soil should dry out a couple of inches down at least) over the winter and be given as much light as possible.  It probably will loose some leaves over the winter.  CAUTION:  All parts are poisonous!!!  If the sap or any of the part of the leaf are ingested they can make you very, very sick.  Rubber disposable gloves, or gloves that are at least washed well after handlling, are strongly recommended, as if you have some residue on your hands and it is transferred to your mouth by mistake you can have very bad results.   Happy gardening.  ep

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