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When can I cut back my Hibiscus and Hyderanga? The Hibiscus has many buds on the branches. Thanks for your help.

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2012  |  151 Views
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Are you bringing your hibiscus inside?  If so, if you have buds can you can bring it inside, keep it where it gets a lot of light, keep it slightly moist, and enjoy the flowers!  Then prune it back 4-6 inches, or whatever seems reasonable, if necessary for your space.  Fertilize it every month with 1/2 tablespoon Miracle Gro to a gallon of water.  It might bloom all winter for you.  If it is an outdoor plant you can prune it now or in the spring with no problem as it blooms on the growth it will get next year.  It is hard to tell what type of hydrangea you have.  If it is outdoor, it should be pruned no later than one month after it blooms.  If you prune it now and it is a spring bloomer, you won't have any bloom on it.  If it is an indoor hydrangea, also prune it after it has bloomed.  Enjoy!  ep

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