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Why does my Fire Thorn (Pyracantha) have no berries this year?

In a walled city garden, gets morning sun 'til noon, near neighbors - holly, mock crab apple, cranberry vibrnum.
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013  |  317 Views
Topics: Shrubs

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Has your Pyracantha produced berries in previous years? Did your plant flower this spring? Did you do some serious pruning quite late in the growing season last fall? Do you see any signs of disease (black spots on or other discoloration on leaves that would indicate fireblight or scab)?

If the plant didn't flower, or if the flowers were hit with a late frost, you would not have beries in the fall.

Pyracantha does best in full sun, but partial sun should be ok.

There are numerous sources of information on line--just google pyracantha, extending your search as needed.

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