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What type of grass survives the heat, insects and fungus on lawns in Delaware?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2010  |  67 Views

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Grass lawns are always problematic. Nature likes diversity and lawns are considered beautiful when they are a monoculture. If conditions are as dry and hot as they were this past summer, you really need to irrigate regularly whether

using an irrigation system (permanent) or manually with a sprinkler. Even with that there are always bugs and diseases to deal with but you can make them less susceptible by creating good cultural conditions. One of the sturdier grass for lawns is tall fescue, often mixed with red fescue and Kentucky blue grass. If you experience a short drought the grass will brown but rejuvenate when it rains again or it is watered. Other things, such as aerating the soil to reduce compaction of the soil once a year, applying a top dressing of organic material and mowing with a mower that has sharp blades and leaves the height of the grass at 2 to 3" s helps as well.


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