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I would like to start a moss garden in my very shady lawn. Can you give some advice to beginners?

Last Updated: Jan 03, 2013  |  13 Views
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A moss garden sounds like a fine idea in your area. You probably already have some moss growing around in your property. Moss needs the following to grow:

  • fairly compact soil
  • acid soil (below 6.4)
  • dappled shade to full shade
  • moist conditions (can dry out in the summer)
  • protected area from winds

Remove all grass and weeds, keeping any soil. Take a soil pH test. Acidify soil as necessary. Scratch a small amount of compost into top 1 inch of soil. Transplant some of the moss you already have in your yard. Some moss and water can be blended up in the blender with just a little chop and spread over the area.

For more information, see:

Cullina, William.   Native ferns, moss & grasses (2008) especially his excellent  chapter on gardening with mosses. We have a copy here in the PHS McLean Library. As a member, you may borrow this book.


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