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Why are the leaves of my Venus Fly Trap turning black?

We recently got a Venus Fly Trap. The leaves have almost all turned black. What are we doing wrong? It was suggested that we water it with distilled water; does that really make a difference?
Last Updated: Nov 08, 2010  |  216 Views

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Venus Fly Traps must be watered with chemical free water, i.e., rain water or distilled water. Flush the pot with chemical free water and place in direct sun. The plants grow from tubers and may send up new shoots. They go dormant in winter. Do not let them freeze and keep them damp but not real wet. You may get new growth next spring. Do not fertilize. They get their nutrients from the insects they trap. For more information, visit PHS’s McLean library where there are many books on carnivorous plants. See link below.

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