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I am researching the landscape history of the Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery on Adams Avenue in Philadelphia. Can you help me?

This cemetery is in Philadelphia’s Frankford section and I am trying to learn what the landscaping of the cemetery would have been in the late 19th century circa 1870. The cemetery was done in the rural cemetery movement. Do you have books in your library that would guide me?
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Before you begin your research here in the library, I'm going to fax you the article on cemeteries from the Encyclopedia of Gardens: History and Design vol. 1: 247-252. It gives background information on how cemeteries changed over time and some information on the rural cemetery movement. There is also a good list of references for further reading; several of the cited works are  in our library and would be useful to your research. Additionally, you should search on the keyword “cemeteries” (no quotes) in our online library catalog. And take a look at Rudy J. Favretti’s   Landscapes and Gardens for Historic Buildings :   A Handbook for Reproducing and Creating Authentic Landscape Settings – also in our library. This should get you started in the right direction.

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