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I am looking for vintage images of vegetable seed packets. Can you help?

I am an art student doing a food/recipe project based on horticulture. I need to look at vintage images of vegetable seed packets. Do you have any vintage seed packets in your library?
Last Updated: Nov 09, 2010  |  150 Views

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You should be able to find seed packet images on the web. Have you tried that? Go to Google images and search on “vintage seed packets” (no quotes). We do have a historic collection of seed and nursery catalogs, but we do not have a collection of vintage seed packets. (I wish we did!) However,  we do  have a book you may want to look at : Irwin  Richman’s Seed Art : The Package Made Me Buy It (c2008) This is a very colorful history of seed packaging art, written by the former director of the Heirloom Seed Project a the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I suggest you come in and take a look at this informative book.

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