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Seen at the 2013 Flower show: where can I buy a statue costume like the one used in the display with the mime?

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013  |  42 Views

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You might start by Googling "costume store"  -- when I Goggled "costume store philadelphia" I got many hits including Pierre's Costumes --a " full-service costume and mascot shop servicing theatre, corporate, professional & public costume needs." The major exhibitor was EP Henry and the exhibit designer was Ledden Palimeno. Here is contact information:

EP Henry
PO Box 615, Woodbury, NJ, 08096
Contact: Marianne Anzaldo, 800-444-3679,
Exhibit Designer: Ledden Palimeno,
A Tranquil Garden Comes to Life!

I'm including a photo of the live stature from EP Henry's 2013 exhibit, "A Tranquil Garden Comes to Life!"


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