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What types of bamboo can I grow in philadelphia in containers in small back yard as barrier?

And any recommendations for where to source plants?
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013  |  337 Views

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I had seen a description for a clumping bamboo in the White Flower Farm catalog which caught my eye.  While we do not endorse or recommend products from vendors, I will pass this along to you for your information. Here is the description from the catalog:


Bamboo - Fargesia murielae

Umbrella Bamboo, Fargesia murielae, is native to high elevations of central China and is both super hardy and noninvasive. This Bamboo has all the grace for which the group is known and none of the dangerous tendencies for which its members are feared. It forms dense clumps of slender, arching canes with clusters of narrow, grass-green leaves. (The great plant explorer E.H. Wilson considered it the most beautiful of all Bamboos, and named it for his daughter, Muriel.) Superb as a single specimen by a terrace or pool, or in multiples as a loose screen or hedge. A beautiful woodland companion for Hostas, Ferns, or Rhododendrons. The genus Fargesia comprises a small number of clump-forming, evergreen species grown for their attractive leaves and stems.

You might want to check this out.  It looks nicer than the variety  I had growing in two containers on my terrace, which didn't satisy me much.  I don't remember the variety, but when I saw this, I thought it might be worth investigating further.

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