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I have a brilla orchid in bloom. Many roots showing outside pot. Some leaves have some black striations or small spots. What is wrong?

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014  |  49 Views
Topics: Orchids

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Dear Neil:  The roots extending from the pot of an orchid is normal.  It usually means that they orchid will have to be repotted soon!  The black spots are a sign of a fungus infection which can be treated with a fungicide, but what I don't like are the striations as they can mean a virus infection for which there is no real cure.  However, it is difficult to give you real help without seeing the actual diseased plant.  I would suggest taking a picture of the plant to an orchid grower in a good nursery or to someone in the Southeastern PA Orchid Society.  The Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society is having a show at The Academy of Natural Sciences, April 12 - 14.  If you went there, there would be someone to answer your questions and you will also see some beautiful orchid plants.

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