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Which foundation plants should I use for my landscape?

I am putting in a landscape for new construction in Hanover, PA. I want my foundation plants to be spreading yews. I've narrowed my choices down to down to 'Repandens', 'Everlow' or 'Greenwave'. The space I have is 14' on either side of my front walk. I cannot find 'Greenwave' at all. 'Rependans,' from what I read, has a 15' foot spread. The 'Everlow' looks nice but I don't know too much about it. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your help!
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The botanical name for `Green Wave'  is Taxus cuspidata `Green Wave'. It has dark green foliage, low-mounded, spreading habit with graceful arching branches, 3-4' by 6-8'. This yew is considered to be a good substitute for Taxus baccata `Repandens'. It may be available at Angelica Nurseries. `Everlow' is Taxus x media `Everlow', a low-spreader, resistant to wind desiccation and can be considered as a substitute for Taxus baccata `Repandens'. Taxus baccata `Repandens" may be more available than the other two yews and although it can grow to 12' wide at Longwood gardens where it was probably planted over 50 years ago, in this area, they might spread to 4-5' in 15 years and are easy to prune. An area 14' wide could accommodate 3 plants, two close to the entrance and one in between but farther forward. `Repandens' may be easier for you to locate as many nurseries are getting new plants in at this time of year.

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