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How can I enrich my soil in order to grow grass?

I have planted sod and/or grass seed but nothing grows -- only weeds.
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013  |  56 Views

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First you need to rake in some sort of soil amendment that the grass would like to grow in.  Compost from Fairmont Park is available at Ford and Chamounix Streets.  Bring your own container.  7:30-3 M-F, 7:30-11 Sat.  You also need to bring an ID that proves you are a city resident.  Then put down a fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 10-6-4.Check with your garden center. Also spraying with liquid Miracle Gro really helps get the nutrients to the roots quickly.  Rake it in.  Then put down your grass seed and cover with a very light coating of straw. Or you can overseed with grass seed and spot dig or spot spray weeds with a herbicide (weed killer).  But it sounds like you need a good soil base and fertilizer.  Then you need to water at least every other day.  This should work for you.  Don't put down the fertilizer + weed control for at  least a year.  Sometimes this builds up in the soil and doesn't encourage grass growth. Start right away before it gets very hot and not conducive to good grass germination.

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