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Who can I contact about locating a particular vendor at the 2013 flower show from Holland who sold bulbs?

I attended the show; purchased $60 worth of bulbs that I was assured would bloom white. They've bloomed hot pink. I'd like to be in touch with the vendor.
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Kitty, I searched for vendors selling bulbs. Here is the list I got:

D. Landreth Seed Company

Marketplace - Booth 611, Booth 613, Booth 708, Booth 710

De Waterlelie

Marketplace - Booth 427, Booth 1228, Booth 1230

Maplecrest Lilies

Marketplace - Booth 1212

Peony's Envy Flower Farm

Marketplace - Booth 713


Marketplace - Booth 505, Booth 507, Booth 608, Booth 610

Sunshine Nursery

Marketplace - Booth 513, Booth 616

Wedgewood Gardens

Marketplace - Booth 601

 In addition, I am attaching a PDF of the Flower show floor plan, with the names of the vendors listed along with the plan.

You can also check the Marketplace vendor listings on the Flower show web site. I'm hoping that, with these resources, you'll be able to figure out which vendor you purchased the bulbs from. Hope this helps.

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  1. I purchased the same bulbs but have no idea as to the depth and width across how to plant them. I have 6 bulbs. Any ideas?
    by Linda on Apr 29, 2014.

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