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How can I get involved in Gardening Center Cify West?

I'm especially interested in the garden at 29th & Manning.
Last Updated: May 31, 2013  |  21 Views

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I went to our community gardening locator map and found a garden at

2499 Manning Street. It's the Schulkill River Park Community Garden  -- email or go to their web site to learn how to obtain a plot. Use the link below  titled "Philadelphia community gardening locator map" to find a community garden near you.

Another map of community gardens lives on the website of the American Community Gardening Association (see link below). This is a community gardening location database for the U.S. Enter your zip code into the search box for gardens near you. Also, you might check your local library, coffee shop, church, community center or food market bulletin boards for information on locations of community gardens. If you happen to be walking by a community garden with gardeners in it, tending their plot, that is an excellent opportunity to learn how to join the garden.

For more information on community gardening, see the link to the resource guide below on this topic.

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