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How frequently should Hydrangeas be watered and how much sun do they require

Received a Hydrangea for Mother's Day. The soil was dry and I watered it and I'm afraid I over-watered it. Flowers look like they are dying.
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If the soil drains well hydrangias can be watered often. When Hydrangias are forced to bloom for Mother's Day, they are often pot bound. When watered, the water drains out the bottom and the soil doesn't retain any water. The best thing to do when you recieve a plant like this is to remove all the wrappings and soak it in a pail of water for an hour or so. Then remove and let the water drain out before placing the plant back its wrappings. Don't water again until the top of the soil is dry. Whether the plant was over watered or not cannot be determined without seeing the plant.

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