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Why are my pea plants dying?

They are turning yellow by the bottom. They are dark seeded early perfection.I give them plenty of water( a little more sinc this started). and they have lots of sunlight.
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2013  |  321 Views

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Your pea plants may be doing what comes naturally; that is reacting to hot weather. Peas are cool season plants that usually are planted in late March or early April. When they come up they grow and produce pods before hot weather arrives, at which time they stop producing pods and turn yellow. We have had some early periods of midsummer-like heat, and that may be the reason for your problem. You speak of watering, thinking that might be the problem, but we have, for at least the last month, had an abnormal amount of rain, so that watering (which should be done only when the ground shows visible drying) should have been unnecessary.

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