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Here are a few questions on garden pests, starting with my Japanese holly.

My Japanese holly that is covered in flies. They are not harming it but are unsightly. What is causing this and what I can I do to get ride of them?2: I have a hydrangea tree that a tree expert said had a small wasp that was burrowing in each branch and slowly killing the tree. What can I do to get rid of the wasp and save the tree?I am growing pepper and there is a bug that is hollowing them out but we don't know what it is. What can we do to protect the leaves, which are being eaten on all of our vegetable plants, as well as the vegetables themselves?
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1. Flies are attracted to Holly trees when they are in bloom. Hanging sticky fly traps will somewhat control them, but they will disappear when the bloom is gone.

2. Small wasp killing hydrangea tree. A clear wing sawfly lays eggs on the tree. When the larva hatch they bore into the tree. Over time they will kill the tree. Spraying them with a pyrethryn spray will kill the larva, but you need to spray before they enter the tree. Systemic spray have proven to be ineffective with these borers. The trick is to become familiar with the adult and spray when they are around the tree laying eggs and when the larva hatch.

3. Controlling vegetable leaves and produce from pests. Insecticidal soap, neem and pyrethrins are organic sprays for controlling pests on vegetables. Follow instructions on the labels for effective control of pests. It is best to inspect the plants frequently especially under the leaves and sray accordingly.

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