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I wish to plant a vine to hide a chainlink fence, could you suggest a good vine that will not invade the grass nearby?

I would like a vine that requires minimal care and will not send offshoots all over the nearby grass or garden area. We previously removed a vine that was going crazy and spreading everywhere. Also there is a walkway on one side of it so I don't want it to become huge where it ends up 2 feet out from the fence.
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I suggest you prepare the ground well with good compost and topsoil which you can get at a garden center. I would plant clematis as it is well-behaved, blooms well in spring or summer and won't overwhelm the space (according to the vatiety you choose). It should be planted in the sun or 1/2 sun/shade and the roots should be shaded. They are just dormant vines in winter so if it is important to you to have evergreen, choose a slow growing type of ivy (some of the variegated ones are slow growing).I don't know how high the fence is but you could espalier a euonymus, holly, juniiper or yew which you may be able to find already espaliered to a frame which you remove and attach to your fence in the same manner. You could even have an espaliered yew with the clematis. Occasionally you will have to prune off a few branches but I have been growing these things on fences for years and they don't require much maintenance, just the early spring pruning back if needed.

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