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Please recommend a web site that allows me to list plants around my home. Free, if possible.

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016  |  25 Views
Topics: Garden tools

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Jim, I didn’t know of a web site off the top of my head, so I asked my colleagues – other librarians around the country who work in garden libraries. Linda Oestry, a librarian at the Missouri Botanical Garden has these suggestions:

There is a free green thumb journal  to help keep track of garden plants.  You can:

  • Organize your garden activities and information
  • Record detailed notes on your activities and observations
  • Remember where you planted things
  • Remember when you performed certain garden activities (pruning, fertilizing, etc.)

A similar online tool may be found at plant jotter as well as at

Some of these sites have both free versions and pay versions, depending on how much functionality you need.

Burpee Garden Coach  is a web tool accessible on mobile devices aimed a vegetable gardening.  Watch the short video to see what it does.

Hope these sites will suit your needs.  Online garden journals are a great idea. They are easy to use and easy to keep up to date. I suggest starting with the free versions; that may be all you need.

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