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My river birch seems to be losing alot of leaves. What do I do to stop that?

I live in South Jersey. I have a 12 yr. old river birch that now loses a lot leaves 3 times each summer. Enough that we have to rake a couple of times each week while the tree molts. Any idea how to make this stop?
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The River Birch is a hardy tree, but it can be susceptible to various climate conditions with resulting birch leaf blight fungus that may cause the leaf drop that you experienced.  Not to worry, though; this will not damage the tree.  However, you probably should have the soil tested to see what may be needed to correct any soil deficiencies, and then fertilize appropriately to strengthen the tree.  Below is a link to information about River Birches that you may find helpful. Also below is a web page listing Cooperative Extension county offices for New Jersey. Contact your county office to get your soil tested.   I hope this helps.

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