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I live in Philadelphia. How do I get access to a vacant lot to start a garden?

And how do I learn how to garden?
Last Updated: Nov 11, 2013  |  87 Views

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You must determine the owner or owners of the lot in question and request permission to garden on the property.  The Office of Property Assessment provides owner information on their website:

If the address of the owner of record is the address of the lot, it is likely that it is an inactive owner.  If you chose to use the lot as a garden you assume the risk that it may be taken over by the City or purchased by someone else at Sheriff’s sale. For information on starting a community garden contact PHS Garden Tenders.

The PHS McLean Library is an excellent information source on starting a community garden. The library staff puts together useful subject guides with great resources on this topic:

Community Gardening

Intensive Gardening

Raised Beds, hot and cold frames, and hoop houses

Food Gardening

Complete List of Subject Guides


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