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Can you give me information on Salix discolor?

The tag on the tree I purchased at a box store states it's a Salix discolor. I never saw one in a landscape. I don't know what to expect, except plant in full sun and a wet area,not near water pipes. Can I prune it as a shrub or small specimen tree? If so will it produce the pussy willow buds? What does it look like in the other seasons? I live in Langhorne, PA.
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Salix discolor is our native Pussy Willow and in time without pruning will attain a height of 20’.  It will have “Pussy Willows” and can be pruned to keep it lower.  Prune each year and bring in the branches to enjoy the “Pussy Willows” and that way keep the height down and have the enjoyment of the plants.  If you prune early in the season to keep the height down, you will not affect the next year’s buds—the“Pussy Willows”.  If you do not prune it each year to a shrub, it will be a multistemmed 20’ shrub.  It has a tall narrow form, not a rounded form.  It is a very flexible plant and does not need to be in a very wet spot.

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