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I read that 7 new plants were introduced in the 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show. What are these plants?

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In the Tourism Ireland exhibit:Two varieties of Kennedy Irish Primrose were exhibited at the Ireland exhibit: Inisfree is a vivid red with yellow eye on dark foliage and Drumcliffe another dark foliage variety but  with larger lilac colored flowers.

 In the Floral Showcase:

new variety of Intuition Rose as well as a rose still to be named  

In the Schaffer Designs exhibit

Bill Schaffer displayed these  first-timers for the Japan Bloom Network here stateside (Bill says he’s heard many of these blooms have become hot sellers over the past month in the NY market!)

Lindera Citridora Aomoji

Gloriosa Rutea

Cymbidium Daylight

Oncidioda Dancing Sunlight 'Nancy'

Oncidioda Obrizatum

Senecio Rowleyanus Green Necklace

Rosa Kirara

Paphoipedilum Harukaze

Wire Plant


The following is a list of Japanese plants that have been in the States one year or less and also used by Schaffer Designs:

Asplenium Crispy Wave

Lathyrus Odoratus Royal White

Lathyrus Odoratus Cinderella

Phaleonopsis White

Phaleonopsis Light Pink

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