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How do I propagate begonias, impatiens and geraniums?

I have a begonia, an impatiens and a geranium that were given to me. What can I do with them over the winter so that I can enjoy them again next summer?
Last Updated: Jul 26, 2012  |  148 Views

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Begonias, impatiens and geraniums can easily be propagated from cuttings.  Please see the links (below) for detailed information on how to successfully do this.

While these are authoritative and detailed instructions, I have often started new plants by simply putting cuttings in water and letting them root.  When they have rooted fairly well, I plant them.  This is admittedly the lazy person’s easy way, but it works most of the time.   In any case, you’ll be able to enjoy the plants during the winter, as they will bloom.  Then next spring, when the weather warms up and the danger of frost is gone, you can plant them in the garden where they will flourish.   Good luck.

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