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Neem as an organic control for Plum Curculio?

We've been told that the peach tree in our community garden suffers from Plum Curculio, and that we should "spray with neem early in the season." I happen to have pure neem oil and a sprayer, but I've never treated anything bigger than a ficus. Can you provide more advice on concentration, application rates, "spreaders & stickers," and etc? What else can help? I know cleanliness is important. Might planting pyrethrum daisy and/or garlic at the base also be helpful?
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Neem oil is ecofriendly and a good choice. Read all of the directions on the label and use it now.

For more information on the snout beetle plum curculio (Conotrachelus nenuphar) and its control, see

Cornell University's Plum Curculio Fact Sheet

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