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No flowers or leaves on my weeping cherry tree (Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula')..

My weeping cherry tree about 16 yrs old had no flowers and now has almost no leaves. Live in Illinois, worst winter in decades!! What can be the problem? Is it dying?
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Weeping cherry trees, in addition to having a rather short life span of about 15 - 30 years,  are very susceptible to frost damage. Although normally your tree should have good years left, this past winter has been devastating, and the tree may not have been able to form buds in time for blossoming.  You say also that the tree has almost no leaves.  Are the branches dead, or is there evidence of green underneath when you scrape the branches which have no leaves?  If there is green, the tree is still alive, and should be pruned.  For this, you should consult a registered arborist in your area.  Good luck!

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