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Our Tanyosho pine (Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera') has brown needles and the bark seems to be stripping. Is it dying?

It is approximately 18 years old. I have fed it this spring with evergreen stakes and am hoping for the best. We do seem to be having good new growth of the candles.
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The needle browning may be due to winds from the extremely harsh winter we have had, from which the plant will recover.  You say that you see good new growth now.  The Tanyosho's bark exfoliates naturally; do you think the stripping that you see is beyond what you think is natural or normal exfoliation?  Do you see any evidence of insects underneath the peeling bark?  You might want to check with your local Agricultural Extension Service program to have them check a sample for you.  Some problems with Tanyoshos include needle blight or rust, and insect damage can include aphids, beetles and scale.  I am optimistic that the plant will survive. 

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