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I live in Bennington, Nebraska. I have a Canadian red cherry tree. It does not have any buds on it yet. What could be the problem?

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Dear Lorraine.  This winter has been very difficult throughout the northern part of our country.  It seems to be the case for you too.  The tree may simply be late breaking bud, be patient, however, there may be other causes.  Is it a new plant that was not strong enough to survive the winter.  Is is an old tree that age finally caught up with in a particularly harsh winter?   Did it start to break bud, and there was a later frost that killed the buds??   Have there been disease or bug problems that have finally overcome the  tree??   It is hard to give you a definitive answer without seeing the tree and knowing the history of the tree.  I hope one of these suggestions is helpful--particularly, that the tree is just slow to break bud this spring!!!

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