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I would like to find writing on the art/skill/craft of garden weeding and cultivation. Can you recommend some books to me?

Weeding intelligently, with an understanding of root systems, soil type, choices of effective tools for each. Almost like how an artist chooses brush, type of paint...purposefully.
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Our library is well stocked with the information you need.  We welcome you to come and peruse our collection (right now the library area is in renovation, so come a little later -- see details below).  A few books I have found that seem appropriate may be:

The Art of Planting   Rosemary Verey

Color in My Garden   Louise Beebe Wilder

Garden Style   Penelope Hobhouse

America's Garden Book    Bush-Brown   This book is a must!!  It is a comprehensive, detailed description of basic garden practices and an excellent book that gardeners in our area should own!!!   It is written by authors from the Philadelphia area. 

If you are curious about the science behind gardening, check out

Botany for Gardeners   Brian Capon. Librarians here at PHS library have created some terrific subject guides that you will find useful. These guides contain "best of" selections of books, websites, articles and more. See these in particular:

This guide will be useful for finding information about basic horticulture.
Use this guide to learn where to buy plants, what to grow, how to connect with other gardeners and where to learn more.
The PHS McLean library is closed for renovations over the summer of 2014. If you would like to know which local public libraries hold the above titles (so that you can borrow via Interlibrary Loan) send an email request to with the titles you are looking for and your location. If you can wait until September, you can visit us here at PHS for these books.
If you are not a PHS member, we invite you to become one.
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