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I have a Tanyosho pine (Pinus densiflora 'Umbraculifera') and the landscaping company planted it incorrectly.

It has tipped about 30 degrees. I am looking to shift it straight up again by loosening the ball. How large is the root ball and how far from the trunk should I dig?
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You should call the landscape company back to correct the planting of the Tanyosho.  They will know the size of the root ball and how far out from the trunk of the plant the roots extend.  When the plant was planted it should have been staked to hold it straight.  When it is straightened, have it staked this time.   Another reason for getting the landscape company to correct the planting is that their guarantee for the plant will be negated if you replant it or disturb the roots.  If you cannot get them to do this, then when digging the rootball, start several feet out from the trunk, if there are no roots, you can gradually work in until you start cutting roots.  Some cutting of roots is okay, just leave a clean cut, no ragged edged roots. 

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