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I would like to know where to send some pictures to help me identify a plant or bush. I need an email address.

I want to send some pictures to id a plant.
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You might first start with the LeafSnap app that is free and can be downloaded to your smart phone. It's a way to identify common trees in the area. For plants in the Mid-Atlantic region that you cannot id or that are possibly not trees, you can send photos to Ask A Gardener :  We are assuming you just have one or two plants to id, not an extensive list. Please also know that it is sometimes difficult to give a positive identification from a photo.

Please keep each image under 1 MB in size and include the following information for each photo (this information is adapted from instructions found on the University of Maryland Extension service web site)

  • Growing conditions (full sun, part shade, shade, windy, salt spray, etc.)

Photos (jpg file less than 1MB and in focus)

  • Tree and shrub photos should include a 12-24” branch with leaves, flowers, fruit or seed pods  as well as a photo of entire plant, if possible.
  • Flowers, weeds, and other herbaceous plant photos should show entire plant, preferably with flowers or seed heads.
  • Descriptions should include size and source (if known) of plant; color, aroma, and time of flowering; fruit, cone, etc.

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