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What are the best all-season fruit trees?

Small trees for the back yard with interesting form, foliage and bark
Last Updated: Jun 04, 2014  |  54 Views
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Susan, there aren't any hardy all season fruit trees for this area.  Each one has its season.  Tropicals like the Meyer lemon produce for quite a while but in the winter, and of course have to be brought in in the fall.  Some really nice small, interesting trees are Franklinia altamaha (Ben) Franklin tree (native).  Acer pensylvanicum--striped maple (native). Paperbark maple *** (really nice!). Stewartia, Korean dogwood.  I suggest you look them up on the internet.  The natives may be available at Redbud Nursery in Glen Mills 610.358.4300, Bartrams Garden in Phila, for the others try Laurel Hill Gardens in Phila.  Best of luck with your trees. 

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