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What do I do if the cherry tree in front my house has gypsy moths?

I had it planted through Fairmount Park 5 1/2 years ago and love it very much.
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2015  |  52 Views
Topics: Trees, Tree care

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Suggest you call a tree  company and have them look at the tree to determine the problem. If it's gypsy moths, ask them to spray with one of the safe sprays, such as Btk that can be used that are effective.  We are suggesting a tree company because they have the equipment to spray.  

If the tree is small, you might be able to spray with the Btk yourself, and then in the fall, remove any egg cases that might appear.  Next spring after hatching, use duct tape, or a similar product, around the tree to catch the ones that travel up and down the trunk.

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