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Can you recommend a native plant for my front garden?

I have space in my front garden, and I want to plant a native plant to this area, which one would you recommend? I live in Philadelphia.
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2011  |  128 Views

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How much space do you have in your front yard, and what is the exposure?  Does it get a lot of sunlight, or is it in a shady area?  Were you interested in a tree, a shrub, or other types of plants?  There are lots of things to take into account when choosing a plant for a particular location, and what effect you want to achieve.  After you have determined what the situation is in your yard, take a look at the links below. When you search the PHS Gold Medal Plant database, you will be able to search by type of plant (tree, shrub, etc.) sun or shade, and several other options. See also the link to the Jenkins Arboretum’s recommended native plants –  called “Green Ribbon Native Plants” ; and also the Fairmount Park listing of native plants.And finally, we included a resource guide on Native Plants. 

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