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How to get rid of flies in the garden?

We have a large garden behind our South Philadelphia row home. It seems to be suddenly overrun with big, iridescent flies.
We don't often keep trash outside, and when we do it is in a covered and sealed container. We don't put any compost/food scraps outside. All the flies in the neighborhood seem to be attracted to our flowers! What can we do to get rid of them?
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Diana, obviously something is attracting these flies.  Are you sure there can't be any little dead critters around? In the house gutters, in bushes, etc.?  Flies are also often attracted to certain types of flower smells.  One example is the native pawpaw.  If you can't find any source, a solution might be:  1.  In the evening, or when the flies aren't active, cover the flowers with some sort of cloth, sheet, etc.  Then put an old fashioned fly paper tape or two nearby to catch them.  Usually these are available from the hardware store.  The flypaper attracts them and they stick to it.  Try leaving it on for a couple of days.  2.  Get a butterfly net from the dollar+ store and catch them and squash them in the net with your foot.  Dispose of them in the trash, don't leave them there.  Sounds gross but it works.  Best of luck.  ep

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