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What's wrong with my Morning Glory?

Plant pests? I have a beautiful 12 ft. Morning glory, and some of its leaf stems look like they have been snipped , and some leaves look like they are losing color. Can it be a fungus, white fly? or what!!!
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2014  |  38 Views
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Pat, sorry to hear about your morning glory.  It sounds like you have some sort of caterpillar or similar snippin off the leaf stems.  Try observing the vine at all times of day, ie:  early morning, evening, and whenever else you can check it out.  Be sure to look under the leaves and look carefully at the stems to be sure the insect isn't disguised or hiding.  You could use a general garden spray but this isn't usually a good idea unless you know what you are spraying for as there are different types of products.  Could the yellowing leaves also be related that the stems are just damaged?  Are the yellowing leaves toward the top or bottom?  Or middle, main branches, side branches, the number of leaves affected, when did this start?  Whole vine?  If it is white fly you would see the flies flying around when you disturb the leaves.  There is a similar fly to white fly that isn't really damaging that is repelled by garlic powder!  (Not garlic salt.)  Best of luck.  ep

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