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What are the best plants for outdoor stormwater container gardens for urban schoolyards?

I am designing stormwater management container gardens for Philadelphia's urban schoolyards and am interested in knowing what plants are best suited for low maintenance, long lasting growth.
Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014  |  74 Views

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It's hard to know from your email what kind of outdoor stormwater container garden system you have in mind. Were you thinking of a flow-through planter such as the one shown here in this PDF?

Or did you have something else in mind? Have you looked into the Philadelphia Water Department's Raincheck program? Take a look at the links showing Green Home Projects - you will see how tos for

Downspout Planters

as well as other projects. Downspout Planter project includes some plant recommendations.

You may want to look into this program. Good luck.

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