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I started 2 mophead hydrangeas from cuttings in 2013 and they're still in pots. Is it too late to plant them in the ground?

If I plant them, how can I protect them, they're not very big yet? If bringing them in for the winter is better, should I put them in a cold spot, or doesn't it matter.
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Lorraine, As it is so late in the year, it would be better to put your hydrangeas in a place where they get quite chilly, but not solidly frozen. Also some people like to put good-sized stones on top of the soil in the pot to 1. help moderate the soil temperature, 2.keep moisture in the soil (this is a problem as they might tend to dry out...but too much moisture can build up with frozen drain holes and encase the roots in ice.), 3. prevent heaving with freezing and thawing.  When it is just past danger of frost, plant them in the garden.  Best of luck.  ep

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