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Why doesn't my Clivia bloom?

It has many healthy looking leaves, no flowers. I've had this plant approximately 18 months. Can you help? Also, can you suggest a good book on Clivias?
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2011  |  307 Views

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Clivias bloom only once a year.  Also they bloom after they have developed some maturity.  I don’t  know the age of your plant, only that you have had it 18 months.  Clivias bloom best when they are pot-bound.  Mine usually bloom late winter, having been wintered- over in a cool, sunny room.  I have them up against a window where they get good light all winter.  They then summer outside.  Other Clivias of mine that are in warmer rooms with less sun, bloom when I put them outside mid to end of May.  Have patience, they will bloom and give you pleasure. To learn more, check out Harold  Koopowitz’s book  Clivias (Timber Press, 2002) from PHS’s McLean Library. Here’s a preview.

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